Christian Symbols Tattoos

Getting closer to Christmas, one of the largest and most important celebrations in the world, many people around the world find the perfect time to tattoo something related to Christianity and Christmas. There are many options for tattoo at Christmas and as I said, many people who go through the study. So today I will introduce five Christian symbols tattoos.


angels tattoos

The angels are present in numerous designs, the vast majority of cases, with meanings related to protecting the sacred, the divine and the miraculous. The Christmas angels come to bring light, hope, positive energy, change, joy and blessing. However, its most important meaning is the protection and the many tattoos as a kind of amulet to start the New Year in the best way.

bels tsttoos

The bells have a very strong symbolic and spiritual connotation, since, among other things, is said to be just used to call angels, attract light, quiet, and well-being, peace. The sound of the bells also invites meditation and reflection, being a symbol of tranquility and spiritual reunion.


candels tsttoos

The Christmas candle is another great symbol of enlightenment, the tribute to the sacred and above all, hopes. Many candle Christian symbols tattoos hoping to strengthen in the year to come and to always have a nice reminder as well as a tool to drive away the darkness.


stars tsttoos

The stars have multiple meanings and are present in the symbolism of the entire world’s cultures. The star has a fundamental value, especially considering the stories that mention Star North, who guided the Magi in the direction where the baby Jesus was born. Thus, the star is a symbol of direction, and guide points the way toward the light.


reindeer tattoos

The case of reindeer has its peculiarities; it is the most popular tattoos today (especially tattoos art) animals, but very symbolic animal in Christianity. His figure there, however, actually comes from the Norse myths that were later appropriated by Christianity and the classical figure of Santa Claus, of course. The reindeer symbolize almost the same as the candles are Santa Claus who guide and are truly magical beings.

How about these Christian symbols tattoos in the Christmas tradition? Do you interest any of these symbols?


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