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Tattoo ideas for men with meaning – Tattoos angel wings are symbolic. Sometimes associate with guardian angels intended to provide protection, courage and bravery. However, these are very popular with both sexes. Women love tattoos because they are feminine yet stylish, while men have these tattoos because they are a symbol of masculinity.

The popularity of angel wing tattoos

Books, pictures and photographs have driven the significant wings of angel. There are many legends and myths behind this representation. These tattoo ideas for men with meaning can be of different colors, sizes and shapes. Usually tattoos angel wings appear on the back or lower back, but the little ones can be placed anywhere in the body. Many celebrities, athletes, movie stars and models have these tattoos.

The angel wings tattoos and man

The angel wings tattoos and man

There is a belief that men who have angel wings tattoos are very fond of women. Tattoos symbolize the masculinity of a man and his love and respect for the woman in your life.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel tattoo

The wings of a guardian angel symbolize protection. Usually, the guardian angels are considered protective of children, and men who love children can have the wings of these angels. Many men have tattoos of the wings of a guardian angel to protect them from danger and adversity.


Archangel tattoo man

In the Book of Revelation, the seven angels stood before God and these were the archangels or warriors of God. Therefore, a man who is religious can think about getting a tattoo of archangel wings on the back or any other body part.


Cherub tattoo
Cherub tattoo

The wings of the cherubim on either side of a heart and the name of a loved one can be a good idea for men who want to show their love for the women in their lives.

Fallen angel

Fallen angel tattoo
Fallen angel tattoo

Lucifer, Mephistopheles and Beelzebub were some of the fallen angels who were cast out of heaven by God. The wings of the fallen angels can be represented as broken wings and bloody, and represent the darker side of life. These tattoo ideas for men with meaning are popular among goths, bikers and occultists.

100 Angel Tattoos For Men


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